The vast majority of the materials used today tends greatly to the formation of electrostatic surface charges. This has the consequence that the surfaces are highly attractive to the floating particles in the ambient air. The removal of these adhering particles from belt conveyors, foils and other web products with conventional methods are difficult to achieve.

The CombiAirJet was developed especially for these applications with continuous circulating operation.

Operating mode:

The surface of the product will be discharded with a discharging bar. The slot nozzles of the CombiAirJet uses the high volume flow of a side-channel compressor to produce a consistent, highly effective air flow (> 100 m/s), whereby the discharged dirty particles will be detected by the air flow, and absorbed through the suction slot nozzle. This achieves an excellent constant cleaning result.

The air velocity can be adjusted through the variable slot nozzle (0,5-10 mm) to achieve the requirements of an optimal cleaning. The correct distance to the foil and the flexible working widths contribute decisively to the efficient cleaning result.


- non-contact cleaning of surfaces, no brushes
- no compressed air required
- no additional effort to remove dust
- increased quality of production and trouble-free operations
- cost reduction by fewer interferences
- maintenance-free operation without additional consumption media
- maintenance position for easy feeding of the foil resp. for an easy access to the slot nozzles and the discharging bar.

technical datas

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