The vast majority of surfaces is prone to formate or hold electrostatic charges.The surfaces become highly magnetic and attract dust particles from the ambient air. The elimination of dirt on 3-dimensional or textured surfaces is difficult to accomplish with conventional methods.

Operating mode:
Discharging bars - mounted in the entry and the exit of the cleaner - neutralise the surfaces. The rotating cleaning nozzles inbetween, capture the electrostatic discharged particles and catapult them to the suction channel, where they will completely removed. Due to the integrated speed governor a uniform, pressure independent rotation speed is achieved, which provides a pulsating airflow (>100 m/s) for a highly effective cleaning result.

- non-contact cleaning of surfaces, no brushes
- increased quality of production and trouble-free operations
- cost reduction by fewer interferences
- maintenance-free operation
- only consumption of compressed air and electricity

technical datas

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