The electrostatic discharge of materials on their track inside a tube, demands special advertence.
The requirements to this applications are very complex.

Therefore the assemblies are supposed to be:
- low-maintenanced, long-lasting and self-monitoring.

These requirements are complied by the Tube-Ionisation. In the basic version the TI contains a galvanized steel tube with a length of 1000 mm and is available in different diameters (dimensions are changeable according to customers request). The used discharging bars are long-lasting and of high quality. The discharging bars are mounted within a plastice profile provided with thread within the junction. Therefore the ionisation-unit is well-protected against environmental effects and the discharging bars are exchangeable separately in case of maintenance. The Tube-Ionisation is permanent monitored by the use of the electric power supply. It also gives signal by disfunction, which can be analysed via the control system.

Professional mounted there is a ionization unit of highest efficiency at your disposal.

fields of application:

- conveyance of granulates
- conveyance of trimmings
- conveyance of granular or fixed materials

technical datas

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